Congratulations to the following members who have scored an ‘ace’ at The Brisbane Golf Club since June 2006.

Hole in One Register

Making a hole-in-one is a great achievement for any golfer and at The Brisbane Golf Club if you record your hole in one during a competition we will honour your ‘ace’ with inclusion on our Hole-in-One Register. Men will also be given a flag with the details of their hole-in-one embrodied on it whilst ladies will receive a trophy with the same details.


Hole in One Club

The Brisbane Golf Club has started a Hole-In-One Club. Membership will cost each member just $1 each time a hole-in-one is recorded and means that if you achieve a hole-in-one every member of the Hole-in-One Club will pay you $1. If we have 500 Members in the Hole-in-One Club then an ‘ace’ will earn you $499. To join, simply send an email with your name and membership number to

Click here to see the Members in the Hole-in-One Club 

Please note that as a new Member you are NOT automatically signed up for the Hole-in-One Club. It is the Member’s choice to belong. If you are in the Hole-in-One Club, you’re club card will be debited the cost of $1 for every hole in one that is made by a Member of the Hole-in-One Club. You will remain in the Club unless the Office is specifically notified that you no longer wish to belong. 


Name Hole Date
Judith Hamilton 13th 14 November 2017
Liz McReynolds 13th 15 September 2017
Bill Smith 13th 14 September 2017
Drew Clarke 7th 23 August 2017
Jan Coetzee 7th 7 June 2017
Gordon Roseler 7th 1 June 2017
Phillip Abood 4th 6 May 2017
Peter Moran 11th 3 May 2017
Mike Murphy 7th 22 February 2017
John Kelly 7th 11 January 2017
Claye Beams 11th 30 December 2016
Sam Trimble 4th 10 December 2016
Mick Higham 7th 6 August 2016
Barbara Singleton 4th 20 May 2016
Cameron Powell 13th 20 May 2016
Brett Kinninmont 4th 9 January 2016
Mark Haysom 4th 24 December 2015
Graham Paul 4th 6 December 2015
Lewis Clelland 13th 5 December 2015
Berenice Holmes 11th 22 November 2015
Andrew Russack 7th 20 November 2015
Rohan Bewick 13th 11 November 2015
Patrick Dixon 11th 31 October 2015
Tim Buckett 13th 17 October 2015
Leanne James 4th 27 September 2015
Robyn Elphinstone 19th 25 August 2015
Peter Morgan 7th 19 August 2015
Rob Tathem 19th 16 August 2015
Margot McNee 7th 11 August 2015
Geoff Tucker 11th 22 July 2015
Matt Allen 4th 21 June 2015
Takako Mori 13th 18 June 2015
Luke Blackett 4th 24 April 2015
Vicki Mounts 4th 30 May 2015
Margaret Dowzer 13th 9 April 2015
Mike Kelso 7th 4 April 2015
Joel Negline 19th 31 January 2015
Rob Harwood 7th 31 December 2014
Alan Warren 21st 21 December 2014
Alan Tathem 21st 8 November 2014
Pip Holmes 21st 4 November 2014
Andrew Govenlock 13th 3 September 2014
Vicki Mounts 7th 3 August 2014
Gary Brodie 11th 5 July 2014
Gavin Tye 11th 28 June 2014
Doug Kelly 11th 25 June 2014
Julie Anning 11th 19 June 2014
Raeann Shields 19th 17 June 2014
Julie Anning 11th 10 June 2014
Douglas Hutton 11th 19 April 2014
Dean Scott 21st 12 April 2014
Robert Aitken 11th 9 February 2014
Carolyn Donkin 19th 8th February 2014
Mark Shaw 21st 31 January 2014
Barry Perrin 7th 7 January 2014


To view the full Hole in One Register since 2006 click here.