The Brisbane Golf Club supports the Australian Defence Force.

Australian Defence Force

The Brisbane Golf Club understands that many Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel love the game of golf, just like all of us, but often don’t become Members of a golf club due to the geographic mobility required by their vocations.

To assist where possible, the Club is extremely proud to have a membership category exclusively available to the ADF.

The terms and conditions of this membership category are as follows:

  • Available to current or retired defence force personnel.
  • Proof of service may be required.
  • No entrance fee is payable at the commencement.
  • Payment of 1.2 times the annual subscription is payable each year in advance.
  • This will be pro-rated depending on the month of joining.  
  • Maximum term in this membership category is five consecutive years.
  • If membership is required past five years, an entrance free, minus the 20% loading to the annual subscription paid each year, is payable,
  • This is based on the entrance fee at the time of joining less a 10% discount.
  • Applies to full membership, six-day membership and transition membership.
  • This membership is subject to annual review. 

Our general manager, Geoff Kuehner, is available to personally assist you with your membership enquiry. He can be contacted directly on 0411 412 666 or you can send an email to to have any of your questions answered.