BGC Wins the Claiming Cup

The 53rd edition of The Claiming Cup was played yesterday at The Brisbane Golf Club between the home Club and Indooroopilly Golf Club.

The Claiming Cup had its beginnings as an open day at the Southport Golf Club during the January school holidays in the 1960s and provided an opportunity for Members from both Clubs to play golf whilst they were enjoying Summer on the Gold Coast. Whilst it started informally in 1967 it was decided to record the annual winners and a pewter mug was purchased to do just that. For various reasons, the respective Committees agreed in the late 1980’s that in future the event would be played in Brisbane at each Club in alternate years and has continued since.

Prior to this year’s event, IGC has won the Claiming Cup on 32 occasions compared to just 20 occasions for BGC.

An perfect Autumn day saw the two teams of 24 Members each enjoy a wonderful day of golf.

It was the home advantage that proved the difference in the end with The Brisbane Golf Club winning a tight contest 7-5.

The Brisbane Golf Club would like to thank the Members from IGC who played in the day and we look forward to another tight contest in 2020.








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