Captain’s Report | December 2018


A word from the 2018 Captain…

Welcome to this month’s Captain’s Report and the last one for 2018 and, I PROMISE, the last one from me!

It’s been a great honour and privilege to be Captain of our wonderful Club. During my time as the head of the Match Committee it has been my sole focus to ensure the golfing culture of our Club is enhanced for the enjoyment of Members.

My guiding principal is that an excellent Golf Culture at a Private Members Club like ours is made up of three elements – a quality Golf Course, the quality of your fellow members and the integrity and quality of the golfing program.  I would like to believe the Club, in the vast majority of cases, ticks those boxes. There is always further work to be done and improvements and changes to be made to keep up with the needs of our members.

The introduction of new members, together with the loyal band of long-termers, continues to enhance our reputation as the ‘friendly’ club. The respect and fellowship shown by members to each other and the capability to put your name down on a timesheet with anyone, and be guaranteed an enjoyable golfing experience is vital to our continued success.

Equally, from my perspective, is the integrity of our Members who play this great game. As we know, Golf is one of the few ‘self-assessed’ sports, relying on each of us trusting our fellow player and that they play the game with the same honesty as we do. I am proud to say this year’s Match Committee was again not required to intervene into any event, a measure of the quality of our membership.

Finally, as I have said on many occasions, I believe our golfing program is one of the highest quality programs of any Members Club anywhere. It provides an opportunity for members, regardless of ability, age or category to participate and achieve success. Our Honour Boards and major events are some of the oldest played events in Golf in this State and in Australia. It is an honour to compete in them, an incredible achievement if you can win one, and it all adds to the great value the Club has to offer.

I would like to thank members who have supported me during my time as Captain, with the overwhelming majority providing respectful and positive feedback, motivated by the desire to see the club be the best it can be. I wish Alan Grieve and Alistair McNee and their future Match and Course Committees tremendous success. I know they have the Club and Golf at heart and will lead us with great thoughtfulness and enthusiasm into the future.

A very big thank you to Joe and Reece and all the Golf Shop team who effectively are the day to day Match Committee for the Club. Their attitude and support have been invaluable to the running of a successful golfing calendar. We are lucky to have them.

Enjoy your golf over this festive season, keep an eye out for our big events in January, and I look forward to seeing you on the course in 2019.

Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year to you and your families.

Stephen Deane


A word from the New Captain…

Firstly, I would like to thank Stephen for stepping up in the void we had earlier this year.

It is an honour to be the 64th captain of the Brisbane Golf Club.  I have been a member of a golf club since starting at Townsville Golf Club in 1986 and this is the first club that I have put my hand up to contribute in some way at a board level.  Previously, I have just rocked up, played golf, and had a beer or two at the end of the round and chatted with other like-minded golfers, and I will still do that.

We (the various committees) discuss numerous issues as necessary, to come up with the best way forward with the information we have at the time.  Any decisions that are made are for the good of the golf club and the majority of the members, so if you perceive that you are on the wrong end, I apologise now.

I have introduced a few variations of popular formats for next year’s fixtures.  Based on previous trials and feedback, I am sure you will let me know what your thoughts of these are in due course.

Thank you and enjoy the game that we all love and loathe at various times.

Alan Grieve


Member News


This year’s Honour Board and Major Event winners

Congratulations to the following members who won a Club Honour Board or Major Events in 2018.

Thank you to the members who donated a trophy for the year.

A.H. Colledge Club Champion – Steven Cox 

Championship Plate (Trophy Donated by Gary Brodie) – Ryan Harris

Men’s B Grade Champion (Trophy Donated by Paul Fitton) – Joe Crunkhorn

Men’s C Grade Champion – Peter Murray

H.W. Herbert Trophy Junior Champion – Sam Slater

Men’s Senior Champion (trophy donated by Bruce Nicol)  – Rob Tathem

Byneset Trophy 6 Day Members Championship – Shannon Porter

Veteran’s Handicap Matchplay – Peter Peters

Club Foursomes Championship – Cameron Powell and Tim Lukin

Mixed Foursomes Championship – Fourqueux Trophy (trophy donated by Catherine Hammond) – Cameron Powell and Anna Lambert

Hunter Family Trophy – Gary Brodie

Midwinter Medal (Blackheath) (trophy donated by Bruce Richter) – Jeffrey Chick

Sir Leslie Wilson Trophy (trophy donated by Paul Taylor) – Larry Raymond

Brisbane Shield (trophy donated by the Cockburn Family) – Michael and Berenice Holmes

Tennyson Cup (trophy donated by Reg Hutchinson) – Cameron Powell

Lamington Cup (trophy donated by Neil Harvey) – Jordan Lett and Adam Gray

Boyce Trophy – Sam Varendorff and Matt Hills

M.T. Stafford Memorial Trophy (trophy donated by Phil Wikman) – Peter Francis and Mike Kelso

G.H. Mocatta Presidents Cup (trophy donated by Pete Walker, Scott Connell, Alan Howe and Peter Martin) – Rhett Parker and Tim Evans

The Centenary Cup – Honouring Sam Mills (Summer Cup) Championships

  • Gross – Rob Tathem
  • A Grade – Greg Mitchell
  • B Grade – Gerry O’Shaugnessy
  • C Grade – Sam McKindley 

Oldest Member Cup (trophy donated by Greg Melifont) – John Sheahan and Peter Morgan

Medal of Medallists – Peter Peters


New Golf Rules in 2019

New golf rules come in to play for all competitions starting 1 January 2019.

With the assistance of rules ‘guru’ Peter Castrisos the Club held a rules information night in October where over 100 members attended and heard about the upcoming changes.

I would encourage all members to become familiar with all the changes before 1 January. Websites like Golf Australia, USGA and the R & A all have excellent material including easy to watch short videos outlining the new rules. We have run a number of these videos on our Facebook page.

The Golf Shop has a supply of new Rules of Golf books and Golf Australia has produced an excellent short form leaflet on the main changes that I would encourage all members to obtain.

The Club will add three local rules as part of the introduction of the new rules;

  1. We will adopt the new option for balls lost or hit out of bounds.
  2. We will adopt a maximum score permitted of 5 shots over the par of the hole being played. For example, once you have had 8 shots on a par 3 it is compulsory you pick up and mark your maximum score on the card.
  3. We will adopt the imbedded ball through the green option.


QLD Open Statistics

It has been interesting during the three years we have hosted the QLD Open to watch higher quality players tackling our golf course and comparing them to we once a week amateurs. A number of holes that we find difficult on a week to week basis, the professionals with their extra length, found considerably easier. Having held the event now for three years it also provides us with a greater opportunity to see how the Professionals and elite amateurs play the course under varying conditions.

Below is a summary of the course statistics from the last three years.

Hole Par     Avg vs Par   Rating
  16     17   18  16   17   18 
1 4  0.26  0.50  0.12    5  17  17
2 4 0.06 0.02 0.01  13  15  13
3 4 0.29 0.43 0.27 4 2 3
4 3 0.16 0.22 0.09 9 5 10
5 4 0.48 0.43 0.41 2 3 2
6 4 0.02 0.06 0.01 14 11 14
7 3 0.11 0.17 0.10 11 7 8
8 4 0.20 0.29 0.14 7 4 7
9 4/5 0.53 0.36 0.40 1 18 18
10 4 0.15 0.22 0.15 10 5 6
11 3 0.21 0.15 0.24 6 9 4
12 5 0.15 0.03 0.09 18 16 16
13 3 0.43 0.54 0.45 3 1 1
14 4 0.09 0.15 0.09 12 10 9
15 4 0.04 0.03 0.09 16 12 15
16 5 0.10 0.00 0.02 17 13 12
17 4 0.20 0.17 021 8 7 5
18 4 0.03 0.02 0.03 15 14 11
Total 70/71 2.88 2.37 1.54    














2016 – 1st was played from the white tees as a Par 4 and the 9th played as a Par 4 from the White Tees

2017 – 1st played from new shorter tee, 9th played as Par 5 from Blues and 5th Hole played from new back tee

2018 – 1st played from new shorter tee, 9th played as Par 5 from Blues and 5th Hole played from new back tee

New Course Record

Congratulations to Western Australian professional Brody Martin who shot a course record 63 in the last round of this year’s QLD Open. The round included 1 eagle, 7 birdies and 1 bogey, a card with no 5’s looks nice.



Yellow Tee Trial – October Monthly Medal

Thanks to all those members who respectfully provided feedback on our Yellow Tee trial in the October Monthly Medal. As part of an overall education and encouragement on the use of yellow tees for the enjoyment of members we ran a trial in October for the C Grade Monthly Medal where players hit off the yellow tees and played stroke. The positive feedback was consistent with the feedback received on our ‘choose your tee days’ and has resulted in some members choosing to play off yellow tees to shorten the course and allow them to continue to enjoy the game.

The negative feedback was that members did not feel it added to the social enjoyment of the game and that some C Graders simply do not like stroke rounds which forces them to complete each hole. (note the change to rules in 2019 earlier in the report).

The 2019 Match Committee will consider all the feedback.

Personally, I would continue to encourage any member who, for whatever reason, wishes to play a shorter course to do so. The new Member Book will include a recent decision by the Match Committee to allow any member to use any tee for any competition. The only note is that Major Events and Honour Board must be played of the designated tees.



Safety Note

Fore – The etymology for the word “Fore!” is not absolutely certain. The Oxford English Dictionary records its first use in 1878 as a warning cry to people in front of a golf stroke and, like most people, believes it is an abbreviation of the word ‘before’. There is an earlier reference in 1857 in a glossary of golfing terms. Its origin is almost certainly earlier and bound up with that of the word Caddie.

Currently there are three explanations for the origins of the term FORE!


1. From Forecaddie! to Fore!

Because golf balls were expensive, golfers employed “Forecaddies” to stand where the ball might land and reduce the number of lost balls, as is done in tournaments today.

In 1824 the Rules of the Thistle Golf Club recount a conversation which a youthful Mr Tytler of Woodhouselee, an ‘Antiquary’ in Edinburgh,  had with the aged Andrew Dickson when he said that he had performing this role for the Duke of York in 1681 at Leith Links.

Dickson was then performing the duty of what is now commonly called a fore-caddy.  Robert Clark repeated the story in his history in 1875 as ‘what is now commonly called a fore-caddie.

It is probable that golfers shouted to their ‘Forecaddie! ‘, who would always be some distance ahead to draw attention to the fact the ball was coming and, in time, this was shortened to ‘Fore’.


2. Shoot over their heads!

A second explanation, still given by the USGA, derives from the military battle craft of musket days, when rank after rank would fire fusillades, some over the heads of those in front. It was speculated that the term Fore! might have been used to warn those in front to keep their heads down. Modern historians pour cold water on this theory, partly because it is difficult to relate it to a Scottish golf connection and partly because the relevant military terms used do not bear any relation.  However, this theory may in fact be a misunderstanding of the theory below.


3. Ware Before! – the John Knox story

There is a third explanation, which appears utterly implausible, but which is an outside possibility. It derives from a story told by John Knox (1505?-1572) the ‘hell-fire’ protestant reformer. He tells the tale, as only hell-fire preachers can, of someone arriving at the East Port (east gate) of Leith. This story was noticed by Dr Neilson and subsequently reported by Robert Browning in his book ‘History of Golf’ (1955) thus:

‘One among many comes to the East Port of Leith, where lay two great pieces of ordnance, and where their enemies were known to be, and cried to his fellows that were at the gate making defence: “Ware Before!” and so fires one great piece, and thereafter the other.’


So Fore could be derived from an artillery term warning gunner to stand clear. This last explanation means, firstly, that the term ‘Ware Before!’ (Beware Before!) was foreshortened to Fore (rather than Ware! and, secondly, it must have been sufficiently well known to be used by golfers.

Regardless how the word Fore was derived – at the Club out of respect and safety of our fellow members please honour the yelling of Fore if your ball endangers fellow members.


Latest Results


Honour Board – G.H. Mocatta Trophy: Click Here


Major Event – Oldest Members Cup Midweek Challenge: Click Here


Monthly Medal October
  • A Grade –  Campbell Kerr nett 69
  • B Grade –  Adam Gray nett 68
  • C Grade –  Mark Allen nett 68
  • Best Gross – Lewis Clelland 76 gross


Monthly Medal November
  • A Grade –  Ash Sturmer nett 69
  • B Grade –  Trevor Pask nett 67
  • C Grade –  Peter Peters 42pts
  • Best Gross – Ilija Soldan 73 gross


Hunter Trophy: Click Here


Medal of Medallist Saturday 24th November

Congratulations to Peter Peters winning the 2018 Medal of Medallists for the second year in a row. The event that brings together all the Monthly Medal winners from November 2016 to October 2017. Peter won the event with his fine 42 points on a countback from Reon O’Reilly.



Family Golf Day

This year’s Family Golf Day (the old Father and Son) was interrupted by weather. We were due to play the event on Saturday 13thof October, but rain all day saw the field reduced, so we provided another opportunity on the 10thof November. Over the two days we saw over 30 teams take the opportunity to invite Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters from other clubs to join them to play. Lovely to see Junior Member Ben Stieler invite his father Mark who shot the best score on the 13thof October. In the November round, Alistair McNee played with his mother Margot and they won the event.



Keep an eye out for this event next year when the 2019 Member’s Diary is released.


October Captain’s Challenge
  • Winner – Tom Symons 39pts
  • Runner Up – Andrew Seeton 39pts
  • Third Place – Ash Homes 39pts
  • Top Female – Kerrie O’Callaghan 34pts
  • 7 players broke their handicap.


November Captain’s Challenge
  • Winner – David Raman 38pts
  • Runner Up – Mal Reiher 37pts
  • Third Place – Don Deane 37pts
  • Top Female – Shiha Harris 27pts
  • 4 players broke their handicap


With the running of the November Captain’s Challenge we have 1 final round to go in the Vinidex 6-month challenge.

Thanks to Vinidex for supporting this monthly event.



Upcoming Events


Saturday, 15th December – The Hambrose 

One of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. Trophies (a Christmas Ham) donated by Geoff Moore, Glen Trimble, Barry Maguire and Brian McPherson.

A 4 Person Ambrose competition opened to all Full Members of the club. Get your perfect Ambrose 4 together and come and play the course as you rarely get to play it.


Friday, 14th of December –  December Vinidex Captain’s Challenge


Friday, January 18th – January Vinidex Captain’s Challenge


Friday, February 22nd – February Vinidex Captain’s Challenge


9 Hole Summer Series

2019 Centenary (Summer Cup) Honouring Sam Mills

A stroke event played over 4 rounds, Round 1 – Saturday 5thJanuary, Rd 2 – Saturday 12thJanuary, Rd 3- Saturday 19th January and Rd 4 Sunday 20stof January.

Best three out of four rounds to be counted. Trophies for Gross, A Grade, B Grade and C Grade Nett. Stableford event for C Graders. Handicap at the time of the first round applies. Winners will be presented at lunch on Opening Day on the 2ndof February.


Opening Day and the G.H. Mocatta Presidents Trophy Qualifying – 2nd of February 2019

Play on one of the biggest days of the golfing year. Shotgun Start 7.15 and 1.00. The qualifying round of the ‘Mocatta’ 64 pairs to qualify for this prestigious event.

The GH Mocatta Presidents Trophy is named after George H Mocatta who joined the club in 1945 serving 11 years on committee being Club President 1955-58, Vice Patron and Honorary Life Member in 1972. He was also President of the then Qld Golf Union for 18 years, Honorary Life Member, as well as being President of the then Australian Golf Union for 2 years. He was also on the executive of the World Amateur Golf Council and Captain/Manager of the Australian Golf Team for the 1968 Eisenhower Cup played at Royal Melbourne GC.

An event in his honour was started in 1978 and combined in 2014 with ‘The Presidents Cup’ which was introduced, and a trophy donated, by then sitting President Peter Castrisos in 2004 to establish an appropriately titled competition as is the norm in most private golf clubs of similar stature and tradition around the globe.

64 pairs qualify for this year long Honour Board. Refer Members Dairy for conditions of play.

Defending Champions: Rhett Parker and Tim Evans.

Join your fellow members in the clubhouse for lunch and the presentation of the 2019 Centenary Cup winners.


Midweek Matchplay (Oldest Member Cup)

Wednesday 6thFebruary qualifying round with 16 pairs to qualify. Refer Members Dairy for conditions of play.

Begun in 2000, it was instigated by member and trophy donor Greg Mellifont. Specifically aimed at 6-day members to participate in a significant event of Matchplay format. Also intended to acknowledge the older long-time members of the BGC by inviting one of them to present the trophy.

Famous English author PG Wodehouse, an avid golfer, wrote many golf stories one of which invented a golfing character called the “Oldest Member”. Engraved on the trophy donated by Greg is a PG Wodehouse quote “Golf is the Great Mystery”.

Defending Champions: John Sheahan and Peter Morgan.


Sir Leslie Wilson Trophy 16th and 23rd February.

This event commenced in 1933 when its donor, Sir Leslie Wilson club Patron and Governor of QLD donated a silver cup for competition among the Members.

His patronage in golf was extensive across Royal Qld, Indooroopilly and Brisbane Golf Clubs and he donated silver cups at all 3 clubs for competition golf in 1933.

Defending Champion: Larry Raymond.



Hole in Ones


Brad Shaw Brad Shaw October 10, Hole 13   |    Eugene Estella December 7, Hole 19  |   Claye Beams December 8, Hole 4
Gerry O’Shaughnessy October 6, Hole 11 |  Larry Raymond  October 10, Hole 




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