Captain’s Report | November 2019


Welcome to the November edition of The Captain’s Report.

All the Honour Board and Major Events have now been completed and we are already into the golfing summer, with Christmas not that far away.  This also means that the Hambrose is just around the corner.

Please look after yourself on the course and keep the fluids up so you can enjoy your golf.


Course Maintenance Work

During this time of the year the course is getting some much needed maintenance. The aim is to have the course in pristine condition throughout the main golfing calendar. Whilst all the greens and fairways have been done, some patching work was required on five greens.  Some Zoysia collars have also been replaced. Initially these replaced collars were compulsory relief but now they are optional relief. Until they have matted into a standard that will allow play relatively unimpeded a Local Rule will remain in place.

We are very lucky to have 21 holes on our course.  This allows us to play a variety of temporary layouts to minimise the disruption and to assist in rejuvenation of the works undertaken.  By mid-December subject to weather and growing conditions, we should be back on a consistent layout which will take us through to the re-opening of Hole 15.



The raking of bunkers is starting to become lax again.  It is not the course staff that plays from our bunkers each day but golfers.  The course staff do the best they can with their allocated time but can’t smooth out every bunker every day.  The onus is on us, the members, to tidy up after use.  After you successfully extruded your ball onto the green, try to push the sand toward the middle of the bunker. This helps minimise the volume of sand around the edges and allows any balls rolling into the bunker to potentially reach the middle of the bunker.


Pace of Play

Because I am a bit of a statistical person and have no real life, I have kept the times for each player / group from the 2018 season and compared this to the 2019 season.

The table below shows the breakdown of the times for Saturday golf.

2019 season

2018 season

Average AM players front nine

4 hours 17 mins

4 hours 28 mins

Average AM players back nine

4 hours 17 mins

4 hours 29 mins

Average PM players front nine

4 hours 15 mins

4 hours 28 mins

Average PM players back nine

4 hours 11 mins

4 hours 29 mins

Average all AM players

4 hours 17 mins

4 hours 28 mins

Average all PM players

4 hours 13 mins

4 hours 29 mins

Average all players

4 hours 15 mins

4 hours 28 mins


I am pleased to share that the pace of play this season as the entire field has decreased by 13 minutes.  This is approximately the time to play the 18th hole. How good is this?  Now, more time can be had in the clubhouse post game to discuss the meaning of life, or to reminisce on that missed 2-footer that could have put you in the rundown for the day.


World Handicapping System

You probably already know that the World Handicapping System will come into effect late January 2020.

This will align all the 6 different handicapping systems currently in place throughout the world.  Each is well developed and successfully provides equity for play locally, but each of the different systems produces slightly differing results.  The WHS will unify the six systems into a single system that will:

  • enable golfers of different ability to play and compete on a fair and equitable basis, in any format, on any course, anywhere around the world;
  • be easier to understand and implement, without sacrificing accuracy; and
  • meet the varied needs and expectations of golfers, golf clubs and golf authorities all around the world and be adaptable to suit all golfing cultures.

The WHS will encompass both the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System (formerly the USGA Course Rating and Slope System).

All good in theory I know, but this is where golf is going so get on board and enjoy the ride.  At least it will give you another discussion point in the clubhouse if you are sick and tired of listening to (insert you know who) carry on about their putting woes.

Some of the regulations have not changed, these include slope and daily scratch rating.  However, some have changed.  Below are a few of the regulations that you will notice.

Bonus reduction for exceptional nett score – if a player’s score is 7 to 10 strokes better than what their GA handicap was at the time the round was played, then GOLF Link will apply an automatic additional reduction of 1.0 strokes to their GA handicap.  If the player’s score is more than 10 strokes better than what their GA handicap was at the time the round was played, then GOLF Link will apply an automatic additional reduction of 2.0 strokes to their GA handicap.

Basically, if you have a day out, then GOLF Link will cut you, saves me doing it to you.

Hard Cap of 5 strokes, Soft Cap of 3 strokes – The hard cap has not changed.  A GA handicap will continue to increase at the current rate of 100% of the “8 of 20 scores” calculation until it reaches 3 strokes above its best point from the previous 12 months.  Once in this Soft Cap zone, a player’s GA Handicap will only increase by 50% of the calculated amount until it reaches the Hard Cap.

Currently there is a distinct advantage in the current handicap system to the inconsistent player over the consistent player, and this is one way to soften that advantage.

Changes to Daily Handicap – the daily handicap formula will include an adjustment when the Scratch Rating is different to the Par.  Your GA Handicap currently is used to calculate your Daily Handicap based on the slope of the course you are playing.  This will still continue, and now your Daily Handicap will also adjust to the scratch rating.  When the Scratch rating is 75 and Par is 72, your Daily Handicap will increase by 3.  When the Scratch rating is 69 and Par is 71, then your Daily Handicap will reduce by 2. This will make 36 stableford points the universal measure of whether a player has played to their handicap, regardless of the course or set of tees.  This will make results in multi-tee, mixed gender competitions relative to each other without having to adjust the scores at the end of the round as currently occurs.

The Brisbane Golf Club currently allows multi tee options in one competition when the competition is not an Honour Board or Major Event. This will not change. I envisage that this change will make the results equitable regardless of which set of tees you play from.

Those of you who love to play our reciprocal courses interstate or overseas, your GA Handicap will now be the same world-wide, whether it be Blainroe Golf Club, Durban Country Club, or some other part of the golfing world.


Provisional Handicaps

Golf Australia guidelines state that once 5 or more non approved scores are in the most recent 20 handicap games on GOLF Link, then the handicap is provisional.

I am giving everyone a reminder that any member who currently has a provisional handicap as per Golf Australia guidelines, will be ineligible for any Club competition credits, as your handicap is deemed to not reflect an accurate assessment of your current form.

Having a provisional handicap will also make you ineligible to qualify for, compete in and / or win any Honour Board or Major Event.

The main reason for a non-approved score is to not hand your card in at the completion of a round.  The current rules of golf have made it easier to complete a card so that old way of thinking when losing a ball with 1 or 2 holes to go and saying you couldn’t bothered going back to reload doesn’t cut it any more.  BGC has adopted the lost ball / out of bounds rule, as well as the maximum shot rule to assist in you in these situations. If you are unable to complete your round you must still scan your card through, juts mark “P” for the holes that weren’t completed. A bad score on your golflink history is better than no score.


The Walk from 14th Green to 16th Tee

Whilst the 15th hole is out of play for the next few months, I would like to remind players that the path to the 16th tee is via the pathway along the 15th.  There are signs guiding everyone.  I don’t care if you are the first group or not, you know who I am aiming this at, please enjoy the walk along the 15th.  This is a safety issue and I don’t want anyone to be hit from an errant tee shot from 16.

Exiting of 16th Green

Also, whist I am at it, I would like to remind members that upon completion of play on the 16th green please leave via the rear of the green.  I have seen quite a number of players leave their bags / buggies in a location in an area that forces the walk to the 17th tee via the rear of the 5th red tee.  This has the potential for these players to be hit by the approach shots from the group behind into the 16th green.  Exiting via the rear of the green is faster, which assists in pace of play, which is what I like to see.


Annual General Meeting

Just letting you know that the AGM will be held on Saturday 7 December 2019 commencing at 5:30pm.  Hope to see you there.



Alan Grieve


Member News


Holes in One’s

The Brisbane Golf Club has a Hole-In-One Club. Membership will cost each member just $1 each time a Hole-In-One is recorded in a competition and means that if you achieve a Hole-In-One every member of the Hole-in-One Club will pay you $1. If we have 100 Members in the Hole-in-One Club then an ‘ace’ will earn you $99. To join, simply send an email with your name and membership number to

Congratulations to Ned O’Connor who had a Hole in One on Hole 7 on September 18.

On a side note, congratulations to Brad Tatnell who had a hole in one during the Queensland Hickory Festival recently.  Brad holed out with a strong niblick on the 8th hole at St Lucia during the Queensland Hickory Fourball Championships scoring a 1 a 5.  His partner must have loved him having a shot on the hole.

Well done Brad.


New Reciprocal Clubs

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added another two Reciprocal Clubs.

Spring Valley Golf Club is situated just 30 minutes south east of the CBD, and is home to one of Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt courses with a layout that ranks among Australia’s best.

Bookings can be made by contacting Spring Valley Golf Club on 03 9562 3811. Alternatively, by email at


Blainroe Golf Club in Ireland is located one hour from Dublin Airport and 45 minutes from the city centre.  Blainroe provides an ideal gateway to see all that County Wicklow can offer.  Its cliff top location affords some spectacular views of the Irish Sea with Mount Snowdon in Wales featuring regularly as a backdrop during the summer months.

Bookings can be made by contacting Blainroe Golf Club on +353 404 68168.

To play at Spring Valley Golf Club or Blainroe Golf Club a letter of introduction is required. Letters of introduction can be obtained by emailing Reece McRae, Assistant Director of Golf via


Latest Results


Monthly Medal September
  • A Grade – Clark Anderson nett 68
  • B Grade – Mark Yates-Round nett 71
  • C Grade – Brain McPherson 36pts
  • Best Gross – Clark Anderson 74


Monthly Medal October
  • A Grade – Phil Lynem nett 69
  • B Grade – Michael Tilse nett 70
  • C Grade – Adrian Tiller 39pts
  • Best Gross – Phil Lynem 74


Monthly Medal November
  • A Grade – Lloyd Cotterill nett 68
  • B Grade – Robert Prineas nett 67
  • C Grade – John Caris 35pts
  • Best Gross – Lloyd Cotterill 74


42nd G.H. Mocatta President Cup

Congratulations to Ross McTaggart and Andrew Ash for winning the 42nd G.H Mocatta Presidents Cup. Ross and Andrew delivered a strong performance to comfortably beat Bruce Parkinson and Peter O’Connor 5&4 to win the Club’s most coveted Fourball Trophy.

 Left to Right – Bruce Parkinson, Peter O’Connor, Ross McTaggart & Andrew Ash


Professional and Elite Amateur News

Maverick Antcliff secured the Order of Merit for the China Golf Tour, winning three times this season. His reward for achieving this is a place on the European Tour for 2020. Outstanding work Maverick, we will all be keeping a close eye on your performances next year and wish you all the best.

Jake McLeod will be joining Maverick on the European Tour after securing his card by finishing in the Top 25 at Qualifying School. After a gruelling 6 rounds Jake finished T13 out of 157 players. Our very own Lee Eagleton was on the bag the whole week, no rest for them though as they are now of to play in the Hong Kong Open before coming home for the Australian events.

Louis Dobbelaar continued his comeback from injury with an impressive 5 shot victory in the Port Phillip Open held at Kinston Heath and Commonwealth Golf Club.


Medal of Medallists

The Medal of Medallists was held inconjunction with the November Monthly Medal. The event is for the winners of every monthly Medal from November 2018 – October 2019. Graham Thams’ 36pts was enough to see him win this year’s event from Garth Crichton (34pts).

24th Hunter Family Trophy

The last round of the Hunter Family Trophy was played on Saturday 16 November.  The winner is the player with the lowest average gross score from the December 2018 to November 2019 Monthly Medals and the 2 qualifying rounds of the Club Championships.

Congratulations to Ilija Soldan who won comfortably from Steve Ward. See table below.

Position Name   Total Avg.
1 Ilija Soldan 602 75.25
2 Steve Ward 619 77.375
3 Dean Castrisos 621 77.625
4 Tom Deane 622 77.75
5 Scott Connell 622 77.75
6 Stephen Deane 623 77.875
7 Lloyd Cotterill 626 78.25
8 Philip Lynem 627 78.375
9 Greg Mitchell 628 78.5
10 Nick Campbell 629 78.625


Vinidex 6 Month Challenge

This season, the Vinidex 6 Month Challenge winner is the player with the best 4 stableford scores from the first 6 Captain’s Challenges of the year.  At the completion of 4 rounds, the top 10 is currently in the table below.

Position Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Total
1 Ed Trendall 34 31 30 39 134
2 Michael Roberts 35 28 33 32 128
3 Kurt Allison 32 28 31 31 122
4 Warwick Oxenford 32 25 32 31 120
5 Reg Hutchinson 28 28 26 34 116
6 David McDougall 25 28 31 31 115
7 Wayne Brandon 27 30 28 30 115
8 Graham Thams 31 26 26 30 113
9 Dean Webb 23 27 32 27 109
10 Peter White 25 29 29 24 107


Thanks to Vinidex for supporting this monthly event.





Upcoming Events


  • Friday, 29th November – Captain’s Challenge
  • Saturday 30th November – Big Christmas Bash, for more information CLICK HERE
  • Friday 6th December – Kids Christmas Party, for more information CLICK HERE
  • Saturday, 7th December – Closing Day
  • Saturday, 7th December – Annual General Meeting
  • Friday, 13th December – Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience
  • Saturday, 14th December – Hambrose
  • Saturday, 25th December – Christmas Day Buffet Lunch, for more information CLICK HERE



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