Course Chair Report

Here’s the latest update on our course conditions, maintenance plans and activities coming up.

First of all I hope you will all agree the course is in great condition. Mother nature has played its part, but a big thank you and congratulations to Mitch Hayes and his team. To help us manage through the cooler months you will see more use of ropes and pegs to direct walkers and carts in specific areas to spread the wear. Please follow these directions and, especially for cart users, keep to the paths wherever possible. Every little bit helps.

The damp fairways have also showed that members and guests are not always repairing their divots. This is a simple task that we all need to follow to keep the fairways in good condition. Again – every little bit helps.

You may remember we have planned to carry out fairway aerification each quarter. Unfortunately we’ve had machinery problems for some time which have delayed this work and, after discussions with the supplier, they have supplied us with a new machine, free of charge. We want to thank the supplier for their support. This machine is more suitable to the heavy clay conditions of our fairways, but in doing so, is likely to be slower than the previous machine. That’s a long way of saying it’s more difficult to match course routing with the aerification work.

So now we have the new machine, we plan to carry out the fairway work over 9 days during the period from Monday, 8 July and finishing on Monday, 29 July. We’ve planned to complete two to three holes on these days. Some days there won’t be any activity to allow for events as per the match calendar.

Please keep an eye out on the local rules board and in the golf shop for routings over this period and we thank everyone for their understanding. We’re confident you will see the long term benefits of proper maintenance of the fairways.

You will have all received an email about the restarting of the volunteers program. This year we are organising this differently with Lloyd Cotterel acting as a volunteer leader and liaison with the course staff. This should help take a load off Mitch and we appreciate Lloyd’s help. If you wish to be part of this, please email Lloyd by clicking here.

Everyone has probably noticed, or landed a ball or two, in the wet area left of the 4th hole. We believe water is seeping from the adjacent lake. The leaking may have decreased lately as we have applied a substance called bentonite to the bank area to fill in the gaps. It will take time to see if this is totally successful. In the meantime we are also talking to civil engineers to see what other solutions are available.

We are also close to finalising the 19/20 summer maintenance plan. As per last year the key parts are the re-surfacing of one green, the 15th, and patching of 5 others. We’ll send out the full plan in the next few weeks.

A lot of work has also been going on in the background with the irrigation replacement project. With the assistance of a specialist in golf course irrigation, a concept design and associated tender documents are now near completion. We don’t plan to start the work until well into 2020. This allows us to have the best contractors available and also means there is no interference with the summer maintenance plan. A full communication pack will be prepared over the coming months to give you all the information.

Lastly a safety message. We all walk or drive the course on a regular basis and slips and trips are natural hazards when out and about on open ground. While good housekeeping helps manage the risk, due diligence by each and every one of us is key to avoiding any mishaps. So please be vigilant and take care as you enjoy your rounds and a walk or drive around our wonderful course.

Thanks again

Paul O’Callaghan, Course Chair

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