The Deane Report June 2017


Welcome to this edition of the Deane Report. It’s an exciting time for Golf at the Club and following some autumn rain the course is in great condition leading into winter and so should provide an excellent platform for our golf events at the Club over the next few months.

The major focus in the coming weeks will be the playing of the 2017 A.H. Colledge Club Championships. The last couple of weekends in May saw the qualifying rounds of this year’s Championships, and we are set for exciting and quality match play rounds to determine the winners in all divisions.

We would love to see as many members as possible come out to watch the matches. As has been our practice in recent years, we will provide some live scoring via Facebook and Twitter. Fear not for those Members not on these social media platforms however. All you need to do is visit the website and hit the Facebook and Twitter symbols at the top of the Home Page to see the latest news.

We wish all the Members involved the best of luck.

For the rest of us, there is still plenty of opportunity to play some great golf. The report outlines some of the events coming up as well as providing some news around the happenings and running of Golf at The Club. I trust you enjoy the read.

Enjoy your Golf and I hope to see you on the Course in the coming months.

Stephen Deane.

Member News

Queensland Open Dates

Golf Queensland has announced the dates for the 2017 QLD Open to be held at the Brisbane Golf Club from Monday the 23rd to Sunday the 29th of October 2017.

Please note the events scheduled in the members Diary for that week will now be mirrored in the week before, starting Monday the 16th of October.

As we did last year, the Club will have some alternative courses available for our Members use in the week of the QLD Open. Further details will be available closer to the event.



Hickory Hickory Dock – Grieve wins his medal

Alan Grieve has become the first member of The Brisbane Golf Club since World War Two to win a Monthly Medal playing with a full set of Hickory–shafted golf clubs.

Dressed appropriately in plus fours, the now six-marker fired a two over 74 in last Saturday’s Monthly Mug to win A Grade by one stroke, after sinking a 12-metre birdie putt on his final hole, the ninth. It was his third birdie of the round in his winning score of nett 67.

His historic victory sits beside his win in the US Hickory Open championship back in 2011, and the 2012 and 2014 Australian Hickory championships.

“It may only have been the club Monthly Mug, but to me it is certainly a huge golfing highlight,” said the 45-year-old draftsman whose fascination with the history of golf started when he was gifted a Calamity Jane Hickory putter by his parents for his 21st birthday.

“I just love playing with Hickory clubs,” he said.

“When I hit a good shot I really know it. The feel is so pure, unlike modern-day clubs.”

After buying an introductory Hickory set online from a manufacturer at Louisville Golf in Kentucky, Grieve has gradually built an authentic set, all manufactured before 1935. And he carries them in a genuine ‘small leather bag’, 15 centimetres in diameter.

Hickory clubs are named, not numbered. A wedge is a niblick, a five-iron a mashie, a three wood a spoon and a five wood is called a cleek. On average, Alan says he hits them about 20 per cent less in distance than a modern golf club.

While he always wears plus fours, Queensland’s weather dictates his accompanying dress.

“Sticking with tradition, I like to wear plus fours with a shirt, vest, tie and cloth cap,” he said.

“But in the warmer months a wide-brimmed hat makes more sense and I discard the vest, tie and cloth cap.

“I suppose you would have to ask the other players, but I think they understand and accept my principles, and don’t regard me as a lair.”

Participation in specific competitions for players using only Hickory-shafted clubs is becoming increasingly popular in Australia with state and national championships played annually. Under the auspices of the Australian Golf Heritage Society, the Australian championships are staged at Sydney’s Carnarvon Golf Club each November and the Queensland event at Royal Queensland, also in November.

And despite Alan having won both the US and Australian championships, his May Monthly Medal victory at The Brisbane Golf Club was the first major event win for Alan with his Hickory clubs against all comers, and also his initial competition victory since joining the club in February of 2014.


Hole in One

Members have been peppering the hole since the last report.

On the 4th of May Peter Moran aced the 11th hole, while on May 6, Phillip Abood holed his shot into the 4th.

Sadly, at least for Peter and Phillip, neither were members of the club’s Hole in One Club. I wish I had a $1 for all the members who tell me it will never happen to them, so why bother to join.

The BGC Hole in One Club is free to join and if you are member of the Hole in One Club and hit the perfect shot then each of the members of the Hole in One Club will transfer $1 from their Trophy Account to boost the enjoyment of the achievement.

The third ‘ace’ came from one of our Juniors Bailey Ittensohn, Bailey was playing at the Manly G.C. after just failing to make the cut in the Australian Junior Championships. In what I am sure was a small consolation, he recorded his first hole in one on the 15th and parred the course for the day.


Messages from Mitch – Filling in Divots

I was recently asked by a new member how he should fill in a divot with sand. Great question and it was nice to be asked, so for all members please note Mitch Hayes Course Superintendent’s response.

Divots sand should be flat, and if anything, slightly below surface height. Reasons being:

  1. Couch grows laterally and will grow over most things –  kerbs, garden edges etc. Keeping that in mind, as the grass is recovering from the divot it will grow over the mound of sand and cause unevenness. The best example of this is on Par 3 tees where we regularly repair divots with too much sand, and over the years these areas become lumpy and uneven.
  2. From a machinery maintenance view, before each mow our machines are sharpened on a lathe and tested by cutting paper, before they are sent out on to the course. Sand is extremely abrasive and if our mowers are cutting through it, it will instantly remove the cutting-edge negating hours of labour. Needless to say, our Club Mechanic doesn’t like “sandcastles” either.


Occupational Workplace Health and Safety News

Members are reminded that due to a recent OWHS report, the path leading to the 1st tee is not to be occupied when players are hitting off.

Also, the door and corridor leading to the kitchen area is off limits for everyone other than staff.

Members are also reminded if they do hit a ball out of the course boundaries, they should let the office know. There is no ramification for the individual member but it is important to let the Club know for our insurance process.



Etiquette Reminder

Sadly, I have received several comments from members over the last month regarding the disappointing behaviour of fellow-members, regarding etiquette – notably hitting up on the group in front, as well as ignoring their responsibility to rake the bunkers.

I remind everyone to treat fellow members, and the course, with the respect expected of anyone at our Club.

If you do not put your name on the timesheet there are no guarantees that you will be able to get a game. If you wish to turn up without booking into the timesheet or calling the Golf Shop, you will have to be prepared to wait for a tee time. Regardless, all players should report to the Golf Shop prior to playing.


Keeping You In The Game

Golf the Game of Life – Matt Winkley

Golf has an interesting way of imitating life. Let me explain (with some help from the legends) how golf is essentially life…


  1. “You get good breaks from bad shots & bad breaks from good shots. In the end, you have to play it as it lies.” – Bobby Jones

In life it’s never all going to go your way. Your good intentions will bring crappy results. Your selfish choices may have positive consequences for others. At the end of the day, whatever result you are faced with you can’t do anything other than do your best to work your way through it & continue playing.


  1. One day you can’t miss, the next; Our special today, hozzle soup with a side of lip-out salad.

One day everything is perfect, literally everything you touch turns to gold, business, family & friends. You go to sleep with a smile on your face. Apparently over night the universe has flipped & anything that can go wrong, does. I firmly believe that golf is the hardest game in the world. Not from a physical stand point but the fact that a club can be swung at 100+ mph & one degree off, at an impact that lasts less 0.0004 seconds can be the difference between winning & losing. If you don’t believe me, it’s essentially a solo sport where the worlds top 10 can & do miss the cut each week & go home without being paid. That’s similar to Fed & Rafa being knocked out in round 1 (except round 1 losers still get paid in tennis). The only cure for this in life is to learn that while it may seem bad, the sun will rise in the morning & you get another chance to make gold again.


  1. The objective is to entertain yourself.

The older I get the more I buy into the thought that the real meaning of life is to simply entertain yourself. How you do that is essentially up to you. Golf is much the same; at the end of the day it’s a game. How you get the ball in the hole is basically irrelevant. You can do it with class or anger, big hits or little ones. When it finishes, and it does for everyone, did you have fun with friends?


  1. Grip it & Rip it. – John Daly

John Daly has a real temper, drinks & smokes on the course. He is known for swinging incredibly hard & hitting it a mile. (Not literally) While sheer force does create action, it’s often negated by lack of strategy. This is possibly the most relevant to life. Figure out where you want to go, work backwards to create a strategy & apply appropriate force. In golf this is known as course management, in life its known as putting yourself in the right situations, not just any situation. Risk & reward, chance & consequence.


  1. “Don’t be too proud to take a lesson” – Jack Nicklaus

This one is simple. Even the world number one has a coach. It’s always easier for someone outside your own head to see where you can improve. Ask for help and listen, there is no shame in that.


  1. “Of all of the hazards, fear is the worst.” – Sam Snead

Fear will change your swing, generally not for the better. In life, fear of failure kills more dreams than actual ability will. Instead of being afraid, refer to point one & continue on.




Recent Results

Club Championships

The last two weekends of May saw the 36 hole qualifying rounds of the A.H. Colledge Club Championship.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers in their individual division, and we wish you all the best in the coming weeks.

The 8 qualifiers in each division were;


AH Colledge Club Championship

Stephen Cox, Dean Scott, Lawry Flynn, Sam Slater, Benjamin Stieler, Steve Ward, Tim Lukin & Ilija Soldan.

A Grade Plate

Joel Negline, Nick Campbell, Matt Winkley, Dan Lowe, Zack Halpin, James Poulimas, Tim Tregenza & Graeme Bell.

Senior Club Championship

Graeme Bell, Brett Kinninmont, Richard Peacock, Greg Braun, Peter Morgan, Peter White, Andrew Slack & Peter Ash.

B Grade Championship

Pat Taaffe, Peter Morgan, Rhett Parker, Richard Garnharm, Sam Gardel, Rory O’Malley, Geoff Chapman & Michael Watter

C Grade Championship

John Kastrissios, Peter Giesemann, Craig Grundy, Ken Chee, Nick Kolatsis, Ash Holmes, Mike Dupree & Peter Peters.

HW Herbert Junior Championship

Sam Slater, Benjamin Stieler, Dylan Barraclough, Jordan Hampson, Hayden Millen, James Sammut, Matthew van Eden& Curtis Eldering

6 Day Membership Championship – Bynset Trophy

Greg Mellifont, Anton Radovanovic, Rob Bischof, Sam Platsis, Chris Flynn, Robert Aitken, Eddie McGrory & Spiro Poulimas.

Veteran’s Handicap Matchplay.

John Akhurst, Peter Gay, Geoff Tucker, Chris Adams, David Prince, Greg Cooper, Laurie Ferguson & Steve Croft.

The quarter-finals for the Club, A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, Bynset and Veterans will be played over the Championship layout on Sunday 4th of June, the semi-finals on Sunday 11th of June and the Final on Sunday 18th June.

The matchplay for the Senior and Junior Championships will be played on the weekends of 25th June, 2nd of July and 9th of July.

We would encourage all members to get out during the coming weekends, particularly the final, to watch your fellow members compete for the major event of the year. A presentation and refreshments will be held following, to acknowledge the winners.

Keep up to date with the results by visiting the website on homepage Latest Results.


Tennyson Cup – Honour Board

Congratulations to Gary Brodie who won the 2017 Tennyson Cup.

Gary defeated Jack Evans 3 and 2 to win his first Tennyson Cup. As you would expect with these two great, grizzly Match Play veterans, the match was tight all day. Gary got off to the ideal start with a fantastic eagle down 1 and a solid par on 2 to take the early 2 up lead. Jack never went away though. Using his shots well, he kept pegging Gary back but could not quite get it back to square, and eventually succumbed on the 16th.

Great finish to a very good competition, the quality of handicap match play was high throughout and Gary is a very worthy winner. Thanks to Paul Taylor for donating the trophy for this event.


Mixed Foursome Championship – Fourqueux Trophy – Honour Board

A very enjoyable day of mixed foursomes golf was played at the Club on Sunday 23rd of April with 26 pairs vying for the Club’s 2017 Mixed Foursomes Fourqueux Championship.

Congratulations to Lynne Conroy and Nick Woodley who on the 1st sudden death playoff hole defeated Lesa Lambert and Jordan Lett.

Lynne and Nick led the morning field with 81 and followed up in the afternoon with a 79 for a total of 160. As leaders in the clubhouse they looked home until Lesa and Jordan carded an outstanding 75 in the afternoon to tie the 36-hole score.

The first playoff hole was a tense struggle with neither pair actually seeing much of the hole. However, a superb up and down saw Lynne and Nick prevail.

Cyclone Debbie meant a postponement of this event from its scheduled March date, but it was great to see the 26 pairs adjust their plans and support the event. Thank you.

Thanks to Kathryn Hammond for donating the trophy for this event.


Honour Board – Midwinter Medal

The oldest Honour Board event in the Club (and one of the oldest competitions in Australian Golf), the Blackheath Medal was completed at the Club during May. The Medal is a 36 Hole Stroke nett event and has been played since 1898. It is often referred to as the Blackheath Medal but it’s correct name is the Midwinter Medal in accordance with the wish of the donor, Alfred Schacht of the Royal Blackheath Golf Club in London. The medal was a gift from a member from the oldest golf Club in England to the first golf club in Brisbane. The trophy is currently donated by our Life member Mr. Bruce Richter.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Chick (14) who won the event with an excellent total of 138 from Gary Brodie (3) 139. Both gentleman had 71 after the 1st round and when Gary posted 68 (1 Under Gross score) in the morning of the second round he looked home. However, Jeffrey, an experienced campaigner, found some of his old form and came home in the afternoon with his fine nett 67 to take the much sought after Honour Board event.

Check out how you finished by visiting the Home Page of the website under Latest Results.


Monthly Medal Winners

A Grade – Matthew Cross 65
B Grade – Rhett Parker 70
C Grade – James Hall 44
Best Gross – Tim Lukin 71

A Grade – Alan Grieve 67
B Grade – Jeffrey Chick 69
C Grade – Neil Harvey 68
Best Gross – Gary Brodie 71

Hunter Trophy

With the completion of the Club Championship qualifying rounds we have now completed eight of the possible fourteen rounds of this year’s Trophy.

The eventual winner is determined by the player with the lowest average gross score from the Monthly Medals (December 2015 to November 2016) and the two qualifying rounds of the A.H. Colledge Club Championship. Best 10 scores from the possible 14 rounds will be used. (Due to an error in January, we have taken the players best score from either the 14th or 21st of January stroke rounds)

Dean Castrisos leads the way with his average of 74.75 closely followed by Nick Woodley on 75.

Follow how you’re progressing in this competition throughout the year by visiting the Home Page of the Website and visit Latest Results/Hunter Family Trophy. Please note, we will only be keeping the averages of those who can complete the 10 rounds.


Claiming Cup

The annual match, ‘The Claiming Cup”, between the Club and Indooroopilly GC was held on Wednesday 10th May despite a cold and wet day.

Ten pairs from each club took part in the 51st running of the event.

Sadly, BGC went down 6.5 to 3.5, a disappointing result on home soil but congratulations to David Mount and his team for a comprehensive victory. Despite the weather, it was terrific to celebrate the comradeship between our two great clubs.

The Claiming Cup had its beginnings at open days at Southport GC during the January school holidays in the early 60’s, when so many members of both clubs were on the Gold Coast for holidays.

In 1967 it was decided to record the winners, and the trophy, a pewter mug, was purchased. The mug was held in the losers’ clubhouse for the ensuing twelve months where any member from the winning side could demand it to be filled for their pleasure. This ‘claiming’ is now largely symbolic and the cup is held by the winners.

The record is now Indooroopilly 30 to BGC 21.


March Captain’s Challenge delayed to 7th April

Congratulations to John Dooley for winning the March 2017 Captain’s Challenge. It was a very difficult day and that was highlighted by the fact the course DSR was 76 and the ball rundown went to 30 points. No player broke his handicap!

John’s score of 36 was very solid, defeating on Shane Wright on countback. Playing to your handicap on such a day was a fine achievement.

Special mention to our young Junior, Campbell Kerr who had a commendable 35 points and continues to show great improvement early in his golf career. Dan Lowe and Stewart Ashley also played well on the day with a credible 35 points.

The best lady, who received a dozen Callaway golf balls for her effort, was Janice Morris with 29 points.


April Captain’s Challenge

With a superb 39 points, Robert Prineas won April’s  Vinidex Captain’s Challenge. He and 4 others (Dean Scott, Rick Davenport, Gavin Kelly and Wayne Brandon, all with 37 points) were the only players in the field to beat their handicap.

The best lady was Avon Trimble with 31 points who also collected a dozen golf balls for being the best female player of the day.

It was great to see 41 guests from 17 clubs around SE QLD playing on the day. The course was in top condition and we trust that these guests enjoyed our hospitality.


May Captain’s Challenge

The May Vinidex Captain’s Challenge held on the 26th was a superb May day with the course in excellent condition, a full field of 218 players and over 40 guests from 19 clubs.

Ed Trendall was the stand out player with a fine 40 points, while five others beat their handicap and won the dozen balls. Gary Dutton ran second with 38 points and Jeffrey Chick, Sean Finnimore and Peter Murray had 37 points.

The best lady’s score of the day came from  Angela Fong with a very respectful 33 points.

We have only one round to go (the June Captain’s Challenge) to complete this 6 month Vinidex Captain’s Challenge tournament, with the winner receiving a great prize from Callaway Golf.

Rick Davenport is leading with 537 points, Dean Scott 461 points, Peter Wright 383 points, Ed Trendall 349 points and Robert Prineas rounds out the top five with 330 points. With 300 points allocated to the winner in June, there are still 12 members who are in with a shot.

Keep an update on how you are progressing in this event by visiting the Website – Members – Vinidex Order of Merit, just above the Leaderboard section.

Thanks to Vinidex for supporting this monthly event.



Queensland Senior Team Challenge

This event hosted by Golf Queensland provides an opportunity for members over 55 to represent the Club and play some competitive golf in what is a very social and friendly environment. The event is played on a home and away basis, with four players playing single scratch match play and two 4BBB matches played off ¾ of your handicap.

This year we in a Group with Virginia, Indooroopilly, Royal Queensland, Redcliffe and Bribie Island Golf Clubs.

We are currently 6 matches into the 10 games and we have a 50% win/loss record, winning all of our home games but have yet to record success away from home.

Our squad is made up of Brett Kinninmont, Craig James, Peter White, John Kelly, Bob Croft, Jack Evans, Doug Kelly, Martin Riley, Peter Evans, Mike Murphy, Peter Moran, Ashley Stewart, Ross McTaggart, Greg Melifont, Rob Brown, Ed Trendall, Jeff Chick, Ned O’Connor, Owen Wright, Phil Egerton, Joe Dowling, David McGregor, Phil Fraser, Michael Holmes, John Sheahan and Robert Strutt. Thanks Gentleman, for being involved and we wish you luck for the balance of the season.


Upcoming Events

Club Championship Quarter-finals 4th June
Club Championship Semi-finals 11th June
Club Championship Finals 18th June
Senior and Junior Championship Quarter-finals 25th of June
June Vinidex Captain Challenge – 30th June
Senior and Junior Championship Semi-Finals 2nd of July


Honour Board – Club Foursome and Boyce Trophy

Saturday 1 July is the Club Foursomes Championship and Boyce Trophy. It is a 36-hole shotgun start using the Championship Layout. In the event of a tie for the gross event a sudden-death playoff will be used and a countback for the nett event. The timesheets for those playing in the events will open three weeks out.

For those members who wish to play only 18 holes’ foursomes that day either am or pm, a separate nett foursomes event will be held. You will be eligible to put your name into the timesheet on the normal 2 weeks prior.

Would love to see more members involved, grab a suitable partner and enjoy a day of Foursomes Golf.


New Members

Welcome to our new members who have joined since last report.

  • Saksham Bohra
  • Ray Jamieson
  • Masao Koyama
  • Sosuke Sugufa
  • Jake Hannan
  • Kieran Williamson
  • Chris Webster
  • Benjamin Stieler
  • James Sammut
  • Alun Probert
  • Allan Raper
  • David Raper
  • Gary Lavender
  • Mackenzie Douglas
  • Oliver Egerton
  • Sam Abernethy
  • David Pacey
  • Peter Hodgkinson
  • Vinod Muthanna
  • Mano Haran
  • Lachlan Davis
  • Raj Prabhu
  • Susumu Ishihara
  • Umesh Shetty
  • Shannon Porter
  • Mark Trotter
  • Ivan McDonald
  • Joseph Crunkhorn
  • Matt Hills
  • Hugh McCluggage
  • Jarrod Berry


Keep an eye out for them on the timesheet and around the club and make them feel welcome.

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