Course Tour – Hole 10

Hole 10

The tenth hole is the longest par 4 on the course at 401 metres. Strategic placed fairway bunkers on the right of the fairway are designed to catch the tee shot of all levels of golfers. A drive too far to the left will find you in dense rough. The left half of the green is protected by a large deep bunker and on the right by thickly grassed swales. The large green slopes from right to left and downhill putts are deceptively fast

Playing Tip

Hopefully you’ve had nine holes to warm up for this one as it demands two well struck shots to get to the green. Avoid the fairway bunkers.


This was Hole 3 on Carnegie Clark’s plan and the present alignment is much the same. For many years, the tee was near the eighteenth green to give a slight dogleg and its mounding is still evident today (recently converted to Champion grass). The tee was moved to the original site a few years back.

Hole Course Par Metres Yards Index
10 4 401 438 5  
  4 377 412 5  
  4 347 379 4

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