Course Tour – Hole 12 – Flinders View

Flinders View

With out of bounds initially down the right side and dense rough to the left of the 501 metre, par 5, twelfth hole the emphasis on accuracy from the tee. If you have the length a straight tee shot will catch the steep downhill slope and add considerable distance to your drive, providing an opportunity to hit the green in two. For others three shots will see you attacking the pin for a birdie. The creek in front of the green and the small pond on its right demands excellent distance control with your approach.  A putt from below the hole will be most beneficial.

Naming the Hole

Flinders View – This interesting long Par 5 has two significant and impressive features and it is after this dual meaning that its name is derived. The great long distant view from the elevated fairway to the prominent geological feature visible on the horizon; Flinders Peak (680m), and also the significant Flindersia australis Crows Ash tree which stands majestically in the heavily wooded escarpment slope on the right side. This magnificent tree is believed to be more than 170 years old and is possibly one of the oldest and most stately trees on course.

Playing Tips

If you have the length, take on the narrow opening with your tee shot and you have the chane to hit the green with your second shot. Beware of the hazards on both sides of the fairways waiting to catch the mishits. For most golfers layup 100 metres out.


Once Hole 12 (with 11 and 13) was completed the new course emerged and for the first time since 1980 the course was a Par 72 again (previously par 71) and it had 21 Holes.

Hole Course Par Metres Yards Index
12 5 501 547 11  
  5 472 516 11  
  5 416 454 10

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