Course Tour – Hole 14 – Old Mill

Old Mill

The fourteenth hole is a 363 metre strong par four which plays more like 400 meters because of the uphill tee shot.  Whilst accuracy is important, length off the tee must be the priority.  Three fairway bunkers are in driving range and need to be avoided to ensure the green can be hit in regulation. The green has three tiers, is above the level of the fairway and protected by bunkers on both the left and right. If your shot to the green in not precise three puts are on the cards . A par on this hole is a good score.

Naming the Hole

Old Mill – Named after the old Arrowroot and Sugar Mill which stood on the land prior to BGC’s purchase of the land. A memorial to this Mill is on the right hand side as you rise up the fairway.

Playing Tip

A drive slightly left of the fairway bunkers will give you the best line to approach the undulating green.


Originally Hole 14 and Hole 15 were one hole, (Hole 8) and played 550 yards. It had a bogey of 6 and rated No.1 on the stroke index. It was changed to the two holes it is today in the late 1920s.

Hole Course Par Metres Yards Index
14 4 363 396 3  
  4 337 368 3  
  4 318 347 5

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