Course Tour – Hole 17 – Swamp-Cypress


You will have noticed by now all of the holes at The Brisbane Golf Club are unique and the seventeenth hole which plays 361 metres is another example. This hole is an absolute gem. Your drive is across a creek to a steep uphill landing area guarded by three fairway bunkers on the right and one on the left.  If you carry the crest of the hill your second shot is downhill to a well guarded green protected by bunkers on the both sides and a lake on the right.

Naming the Hole

Swamp-Cypress – Named after the great feature stands of Swamp Cypress trees that adorn the area near the creek crossing and lakes and that frame the tee shot on this beautiful Par 4 hole. These trees love wet feet and as they change colour of foliage from bronze to a fresh green throughout the year are a very picturesque feature.

Playing Tip

Drive to the top of the hill and away from fairway bunkers to leave a short iron approach to the tiered green.


This is Hole 15 on the Carnegie Clark plan. The fairway has been filled on at least two occasions, the last in 1987/1988 when the three lakes were excavated to provide the fill. The current bridge was constructed in 1987.

Hole Course Par Metres Yards Index
17 4 361 394 9  
  4 353 386 9  
  4 314 343 8

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