Course Tour – Hole 4 – Moolabin Waters

Moolabin Waters

The 170 metre fourth hole provides spectacular views from an elevated tee. However, it’s important the golfer isn’t blinded by its beauty as an errant tee shot will be punished. Water defines the hole and a less than precise shot finds most golfers in the “valley of sin” which will take some finesse to escape. Of course the sand on the left side will also require an excellent shot to secure your three.

Naming of Hole

Moolabin Waters – All the visible water including the creek winding its way westward, the ponds on both sides and more water over the back to the Lake on Hole 5, offers a truly great panorama for golfers standing on the high ground of the tees. The name of this hole captures the true essence of the scenic views ahead with its island fairway, stately stone bridge and challenging angled green setting with hazards awaiting all around. These waters of Moolabin Creek are also significant in that they’re fundamentally the Clubs most important source for irrigation supply. 

Playing Tips

Don’t be mesmerised by the view. Play for the left half of the green, regardless of the pin position.


The alignment of this hole was introduced in the late 1920s. In 1987, the creek was diverted to its present channel at the bottom of the hill and the green was raised and rebuilt to where it sits today.

Hole Course Par Metres Yards Index
4 3 170 185 12  
  3 163 177 12  
  3 125 136 18

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