Course Tour – Hole 5 – Lake


The fifth hole is a blind 396m, par 4 which is rated as the toughest hole on the course. A long accurate uphill tee shot is required to avoid trees on the right and the lake that runs the length of the hole on the left. A good drive is only rewarded by a mid to long iron approach to a green that slopes towards the lake and is also guarded by two bunkers on the right.

Naming the Hole

Lake – As everyone really knows it and refers to it. This hole is a memorable challenge. The water on your left is ever present and waiting as you carefully plot your play around this very intimidating and testing hole. A “boomerang” in several senses; both in its shape and in that it can come back to bite – beware!.

Playing Tips

The blind tee shot hides the lake guarding the entire left side of the hole. Play your tee shot to the right centre and take advantage of the right to left slope to gain some distance. The green is more receptive to a fade but beware the water guarding the left side of the green. Again, par is an excellent score.


Originally there was no dog-leg as the lake was not constructed until 1972.  The drive from the tee was across a bend in the creek and the green was near the out-of-bounds fence line. The green was rebuilt in its present position in 1984.

Hole Course Par Metres Yards Index
5 4 396 433 1  
  4 386 422 1  
  4 318 347 6

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