Are you a member of our Hole in One Club?

The Brisbane Golf Club has started a Hole-In-One Club and is inviting all members to become involved. Membership will cost each member just $1 each time a hole-in-one is recorded and means that if you achieve a hole-in-one every member of the Hole-in-One Club will pay you $1.

If we have 500 members in the Hole-in-One Club then an ‘ace’ will earn you $499. To join, simply send an email with your name and membership number to

Click here to read more about the Hole-in-One Club.

Click here to see the currently registered members of the Hole-In-One Club.


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  1. David

    This was a great idea. I would encourage anyone to join. Love the Brisbane Gold Club – one of our favourite we play at for our company days golf days.

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