It all comes down to Round 6

The Brisbane Golf Club will play Royal Queensland Golf Club in the final round of BDGA Division 1 Pennants on Sunday.

While both teams, at the start of the year, would have hoped this match would have determined the winner of Division 1, the victors of Round 6 will instead avoid relegation to Division 2.

BGC had a chance of securing their status in Division 1 yesterday but went down to Keperra Golf Club 14-7 away. Keperra have been in the premier division for the last 5 years, and have an amazing home record in that time. They will play Redcliffe Golf Club next Sunday away for a chance to be declared the champions of Division 1.

The Brisbane Golf Club have enjoyed wonderful success in Pennants over the past few years winning Division 3, Division 2 and Division 1 twice over the past five years. This year our team has fought hard against some quality opposition including a strong finishing Keperra yesterday.

The Opens against Keperra recorded 4 wins. Kurt Carlson continued his impressive form winning his match 3&1 while the other winners were Ben Steiler (4&3), Zack Halpin (3&2) and Eugene Estella (2up).  For Ben this was his fourth win of the year while for Zack this was his first win playing in the Opens. Special mention to Nick Campbell who played for the first time in 2019.

In the Masters both team secured 2.5 wins each. BGC started well on the front nine but the experience of the home side, like it normally does, saw some results turn around on the back nine. Congratulations to Stephen Deane (2&1) and Craig James (2&1) who fought hard to win their matches and also to Phil Lynem who squared his.

Our Juniors defeated Keperra 4-1 at home in Round 2 but were only able to secure a half point away on the weekend. With Jordan Hampson, our regular number 1 unavailable for selection, our players all moved up a spot on the list which was always going to be a test away from home. Bailey Ittensohn secured the half point.

There was no other match played on the weekend in Division 1.

As mentioned earlier BGC will play RQ this Sunday, from 7am, and it would be wonderful to have as many supporters as possible present to help our guys play their best golf.

Once again, a big thank you to our caddies and supporters who were in attendance.

Team selections for Round 6 will be finalised early this week and announced on Wednesday.


Lawry Flynn 2, 0, 2
Conor Whitelock 1, 0, 3
Sam Slater 2, 1, 1
Kurt Carlson 3, 0, 1
Wade Edwards 1, 0, 4
Ilija Soldan 2, 1, 2
Ben Stieler 4, 0, 1
Dylan Barraclough 2, 0, 3
Zack Halpin 1, 1, 3
Tom Deane 2, 0, 3
Lewis Clelland 1, 0, 1
Ash Sturmer 1, 0, 1
Sam Howse 0, 0, 2
Eugene Estella 1, 0, 1
Nick Campbell 0, 0, 1


Jordan Hampson 2, 0, 2
James Sammutt 2, 0, 3
Matt Van Eden 1, 1, 3
Bailey Ittensohn 2, 1, 1
Praty Bharadwaj 1, 0, 1
Campbell Kerr 0, 0, 3
Dylan Jones 0, 0, 2


Philip Melksham 0, 0, 4
Craig James 3, 0, 2
Stephen Deane 3, 0, 2
Phil Lynem 1, 1, 3
Rob Tathem 0, 0, 2
Geoff Holding 0, 0, 1
Ash Sturmer 0, 0, 3

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