Ladies’ Club Championships

The first Ladies’ Club Championship event was held in 1901, won by Mrs S.R. Innes-Noad.  Mrs D.R. Eden was champion 11 times between 1902 and 1919, with five back-to-back wins.  Mrs Dot Hood was also champion 11 times between 1921 and 1948.  Post-war winners to dominate the Honour Board include Mrs G. Bayer with seven wins; Mrs K.T. Hauritz, Mrs I.J. Hughes and Miss T.F.Dunn with five wins each; and the 2016 Ladies’ Club Champion, Lynne Conroy, has ten championships to her name, with a record-breaking six back-to-back wins from 2003 to 2008.

The Ladies’ Club Championship is held in three grades and the format alternates between four rounds of stroke play one year, and two rounds of stroke play followed by a matchplay final in the alternative year.  From 2013, the matchplay final has been held on a Sunday in conjunction with the men’s Club Championship competition.

Key Dates

Rounds are played on Saturday, July 19 2020, Tuesday, July 21 2020, Thursday, July 23 2020, Saturday, July 25 2020, Tuesday, July 28 2020 and Thursday, July 30 2020.

The winners of the 2020 Ladies’ Club Championship is Emily Byrne.

Division 1 Leaderboard
Division 1 Nett Leaderboard
Division 2 Leaderboard
Division 2 Nett Leaderboard
Divison 3 Leaderboard
Division 3 Nett Leaderboard

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