Member Timesheet Access Extended

At the beginning of winter last year the Club opened up timesheets on Saturdays and Thursdays to extend access to tee times to all members able to play on those days. That change has enabled many members to enjoy golf at times they were previously unable to access. It has introduced lady members to Saturday afternoon golf, male members to Thursday morning golf and provided mixed groups the opportunity to play across both days.

In recent months the Committee has considered the opportunity to extend access to tee times across the week to all members with the relevant playing rights. Lady members have traditionally enjoyed their main mid-week competition on a Tuesday whereas men have held their main mid-week competition on a Wednesday. These competitions have been held by providing exclusive access to tee times on those days to members of the respective gender. That access has prevented other members from enjoying those exclusive timeslots.

Last evening the Committee resolved to extend access to all tee times on all days to all members with the relevant playing rights. That is, there will be no exclusive access to lady members for the Tuesday morning field and no exclusive access to male members for the Wednesday morning and afternoon fields. All members with playing rights on the respective day may enter the field at any time on that day. Simply, The Brisbane Golf Club will have open timesheets for all tee times across the day on every day of the week. At this time it is not intended that men’s competitions be held on Tuesdays or Ladies’ competitions be held on Wednesdays.

The change will take effect for timesheets released from Monday, 8 April 2019 for play from Monday, 22 April 2019. This will enable Club Captain, Alan Grieve and Ladies’ Captain, Elaine Egerton to resolve any concerns or conflicts with major events scheduled across the balance of the year.

We believe this decision positions the Club as a premier member environment that is more attractive to both current and future members.

Wishing you happy golfing.

Phil Wikman, President

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