We have a number of membership categories for your consideration.


Provisional Member (Seven-Day)


Entrance Fee $4,900

Six Day Member


Entrance Fee $4,900

Transition Age 18-20


Entrance Fee $1,225

Transition Age 21 - 23


Entrance Fee $1,715

Transition Age 24 to 26


Entrance Fee $2,205

Transition 27 - 29


Entrance Fee $2,695

Transition Age 30 - 32


Entrance Fee – $3,430

Transition Age 33-35


Entrance Fee – $3,920

Junior - PeeWee (6-9 years)


Entrance Fee – Nil

Junior - Cadet (10-13 years)


Entrance Fee – Nil

Junior (14-17 years)


Entrance Fee – Nil

Click here to read the playing rights for each member category.

New Members joining after 1 October in any year shall pay an equal amount to one-twelfth of the annual subscription for every full month thereof which intervene between the date of their election and 1 October ensuing. All prices include GST but exclude capitation fees of $64 which are collected from every member and passed on to Brisbane Districts Golf Association, Brisbane Ladies Districts Golf Association, Golf Queensland and Golf Australia.

Direct Debit

The Brisbane Golf Club allows new Members to spread the cost of their annual subscription fees via a monthly Direct Debit plan. 20% of your annual subscription fees are to be paid upfront, along with your capitation fee. The balance of your annual subscription fee is due by 31 July. 

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee as of 1 November 2018 is $4,900. 

The entrance fee can be split over three years with $2,900 paid at the time of joining and $1,000 paid in Year 2 and Year 3, in the following October when your annual subscription fees are due. New Members who choose to pay over three instalments will pay an administration fee of $100 with each payment. 

Temporary Resident Membership

The Brisbane Golf Club has a temporary resident membership which is available for short-term residents arising from relocation to Brisbane for business or leisure.

  • Proof of employment status may be required.
  • No entrance fee is payable at the comments.
  • Payment of 1.3 times the annual subscription is payable each year in advance.
  • This will be pro-rated depending on the month of joining.  
  • Maximum term in this membership category is two years.
  • If membership is required past two years, the balance of the entrance free, minus the 30% loading to the annual subscription paid each year, is payable.
  • This is based on the entrance fee at the time of joining.
  • Applies to full membership, six-day membership and transition membership.
  • No voting rights.
  • No honour board events unless open to Members of other golf clubs.
  • This membership is subject to annual review.

Club Card/Key Fob

Each Member is issued with a Club Card or a Key Fob which can be used to make purchases at The Brisbane Golf Club from your House Account. This system promotes a cashless environment for the ease of Members. 

There is no compulsory contribution required to be made to your House Account. 

Members can deposit funds through BPay or at any point of sale terminal. Members can request their BPay biller code and reference number by contacting Reception during office hours on (07) 3848 1008. This information is also displayed on your annual subscription notice.

All trophy credits won in competitions are applied to your House Account.

A receipt will be issued when making a purchase from your House Account and Statements are also available upon request. The balance of your House Account can also be found at www.brisbanegolfclub.com.au in the Member’s section.

Your Club Card/Key Fob must be produced at all times when making a purchase. 

Restricted Members

Click here to read the terms and conditions for a Remote Member and a Limited Playing Member.