New Ice Machine and Water Fountain

Members are advised that a new ice machine and water fountain have been installed outside of the Golf Shop for the convenience of Members.

The new ice machine is compliant in terms of COVID-19 and allows ice to be dispersed without risk of contamination. Since COVID-19 the ice machines in both the Men’s and Ladies’ locker rooms have been turned off and this new ice machine is now the ideal replacement for these. It will allow Members to fill their medium sized eskies as well as their water bottles and other containers ranging from small to large.

The water fountain, adjacent to the ice machine, will provide Members with another convenient location to obtain cold water when heading out on to the course or when using the practice facilities. Please note this water fountain along with others at the Club should only be used to fill your water containers at this point in time. Members are not permitted to drink directly from them.

If you need any help when using the new ice machine for the first time please ask our friendly staff in the Golf Shop and/or Garden Room for assistance.


Geoff Kuehner, General Manager

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