Note from the Captain

Firstly, I hope that everyone is healthy in this current environment. Secondly, I hope that everyone is not going stir crazy in this current environment.

It’s great to see a lot of Members taking the opportunity to combine exercise and golf.

I would just like to keep you up to speed on a few issues that we, the Committee, are currently discussing and continue to discuss, until the current environment changes, hopefully for the better.


With the reduced numbers allowed on the course, we are seeing close to full fields with some waiting lists on certain days. As a result there is no room for visitors, guests and reciprocal members. Our goal is to look after Members first. We will keep monitoring the timesheets to see if this condition needs to change.

Amending of Timesheets

You might have seen a notification that the timesheets have been amended to seven minute interval effective from Thursday 9 April. This will increase the number of spots in the field by 20. Playing in groups of two has further improved our pace of play and allowed us to his change. Don’t worry, this will not be the new benchmark !!!!

Sand Buckets

It is great to see some Members bringing their own sand buckets. Whether they have “borrowed” one from a kid’s sandpit, or made their own, it’s good to take care of our course and assist our reduced greens staff workload by filling in divots. If you forget your bucket from home, there is a limited supply of sand buckets available from the first tee. The pro-shop staff will disinfect buckets after use in the same way they are cleaning the motorised carts and pull buggies.

Driving Range, Putting and Chipping Greens

The current status on these areas is that they will remain closed. Potentially, they are a place where congregation could occur.

Spare Holes

The spare holes can be used as additional holes, but not for practising. i.e. multiple balls from the same location. If you are intending to use these holes, play them as you would normally and in order, so another Member can enjoy them as well.

No alcohol on Course

Just a reminder, no alcohol can be brought onto the club or course at any time. Liquor licensing are visiting golf clubs and Members should be aware they risk fines for themselves and the Club if they do not follow this direction.

Motorised Carts

As of tomorrow, Friday 10 April, motorised carts will be available for use for all Members. Medical certificates will no longer be required. Please remember, one person per cart, unless both people in the cart reside in the same household. This rule applies to both privately owned and club owned carts.

Competition Golf

Slowly, slowly, is my comment if you’re asking. Let’s all enjoy the social aspect at this time, and if there are any changes, I will let you know.

Not that you can control this, but don’t go and have a hole-in-one right now. Our insurers won’t pay out as they only pay out during a competition. Same goes for the Hole-In-One Club.

When all this ends, and it will end, I will look at the fixture book and reschedule what’s left of our golfing season. There will be heartache if some honour board events are not played this year, but I will do my best to fit in what still has yet to be contested. I have some ideas and options, and I am sure you do as well, but it all depends on how many weekends remain once the green light is given.

Waiting List

Now that timesheets are nearing capacity, the waiting list is starting to be used again. It hasn’t really been required a lot over the past year or so. If there are no timeslots when you wish to play on any given day, please use the waiting list with your preferred hit off time window. I would recommend being a bit flexible so it gives you a better opportunity of getting a start. Please, if you are in the timesheet on a day and know that you will not be playing, take your name out to allow other Members an opportunity.

Keep up the (golf) exercising. My wife is loving all the money I am saving by not having a beer or two, lunch, and the losing of bets on the course. Apparently, she now has more money to shop for clothes and shoes, online of course.

Have a good Easter.

Alan Grieve, Captain

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