Note from the Captain

Just a quick note to remind you on what is upcoming in the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas.

Firstly, you will have noticed that there are a few bare patches on the fairways, some of these are getting to the point where it could be a disadvantage to find the fairway.

As of tomorrow, Friday 27 November, a temporary local rule providing you optional free relief from these bare patches on the closely mown areas in the general area will be in place. This will be displayed on the noticeboard outside the pro shop.

Upcoming Events

G.H. Mocatta (President’s Cup) Final

The final of the G.H. Mocatta (President’s Cup) is to be played on Saturday, 28 November.  This is the last of the Honour Board events to be played in this 2020 season. The final will commence at 12.44pm.  Andrew Hackwood and Simon Scott will take on Andrew Slack and Tony Mylne. Best of luck to both finalists.

American Foursomes

On Saturday, 5 December, the men are playing an American Foursomes with the ladies playing an Ambrose. I don’t need to explain how to play an Ambrose, but the men haven’t played an American Foursomes for a long time on a Saturday, so the following is a guide on how it is played.

American Foursome is played with a partner and both players tee off at each hole, then play a second shot with their respective partner’s ball. The players mutually decide which ball is in the best position and the other ball is taken out of play. Play then proceeds as in straight Foursome competition, so that if player B hits the second shot with the selected ball, player A hits the next shot and play alternates until the hole is completed. The order of play is unaffected by penalties.

December Monthly Medal and AGM

Closing Day will be held on Saturday 12 December. The December Monthly Medal held on this day will be an AM and PM shotgun start, with the AGM to be held after the completion of the PM round. You should have received a save the date email regarding the AGM from the President providing additional details.


Now, the one everyone is waiting for, the Hambrose. Generally played on the last Saturday prior to Christmas, this is scheduled to be played on Saturday, 19 December.

As you know, I do like to trial a few things from time to time, so I have tinkered with the Hambrose slightly.  I know there might be some people who have already set up their groups of 4, so just like 2020, you are going to have to change your plans slightly.  The following is a run down on the playing of the Hambrose:

  • The event is a 3 person Ambrose, played in groups of 6
  • There is no requirement for a minimum number of tee shots to be used from each player.
  • If your putt comes to rest within 1 metre of the hole, you may try to finish out prior to your remaining partners playing their shots without penalty.  This is to assist in the pace of play on the day.
  • All 21 holes will be played.
  • The only changes to the standard layout are that 5 will be played from the 17th tee and 21 is to be played from the back of the 11th tee.  This will occur for both men and ladies.
  • The course routing will be 1 to 10, 19, 20, 11 to 13, 21, 14 to 18.
  • It will be a 1 tee start, with the 1st group hitting off at 6.00am.  Spacings of timeslots will be at 10 minute intervals.  The last timeslot will be 12.30pm.
  • Actual scorecards will be used on the day and returned to the pro shop upon completion of your round and signing off.  No MiScore App will be available for this event.
  • The timesheet opens on Saturday at the usual time.

I would like to thank our long time sponsors of the Hambrose, Glenn Trimble, Brian McPherson, Paul Bardwell and Geoff Moore, for their continuous support to this event to close out 2020.

Finally, if you have started thinking about your home Christmas like I have, a great option is to use our club’s chef cooking prowess and let someone else prepare your feast. Orders must be lodged prior to 5pm on Thursday 17 December 2020.  Check your emails for additional details.  I am preparing to let my belt out a notch after the delicious food and food coma that follows.

See you on the course.


Alan Grieve, Captain

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