Note from the President – Competition Golf, Driving Range, Practice Greens and Timesheet Congestion

We are seeing very full fields at present as members take the option of exercising around our course. This prevents us from welcoming non-members to the course for the immediate future.

The Committee has discussed further changes to our golfing experience and resolved to implement the following from Monday, 20 April:

Tee Times

Tee times remain available for groups of up to two players from the 1st tee at seven minute intervals.

Practice Putting Green

Only Members in the daily field will be able to use the Practice Putting Green at the front of the Clubhouse from 15 minutes prior to their designated tee time. This will restrict the numbers on the green to a maximum of six (6). This green is not otherwise available to Members for practice.

Practice Chipping/Putting Green

Up to a maximum of six (6) Members will be able to use the Practice Chipping/Putting Green near the 10th tee for periods of up to 30 minutes. Only one player may practice from the bunker at any time.

Driving Range

The Driving range will re-open for members use for up to 30 minutes per person per day. Members must book a slot through the Club’s golf booking system. Hitting positions on the range compliant with social distancing will be marked and cannot be altered. Practice balls equivalent to a medium bucket will be provided in plastic bags. The bag should be discarded responsibly after use.

Competition Golf

Competitions will recommence with the first competition to be on Tuesday, 21 April. As has previously been the norm, competitions will be compulsory on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for tee times up to and including 1:30pm with social golf following. Existing bookings will be converted to competition bookings for those days and times. If you do not wish to play in the competition please remove yourself from the competition field. Optional competitions will be available on other days. All competitions will be single events while playing groups are restricted to two players.

Players in the competition field are encouraged to download the MiScore App to record scores in lieu of a scorecard. This allows for zero contact scoring. Talk to the Golf Shop staff if you need any assistance. Alternatively you can click here to learn more.

If the App is not suitable Members may obtain a scorecard from the golf shop and scan their own card at the end of the day.

Members should confirm scores with their playing partner but should not swap cards.

Timesheet Congestion

It is difficult to imagine a time when more members have been wanting to play golf each and every day at the Club. This at a time when our timesheet is restricted by appropriate social distancing requirements. Members’ eagerness to play has caused a lot of congestion and meant in some cases Members sitting on the waiting list or missing out altogether. We encourage Members to put their names on the timesheet as soon as it comes out but perhaps once you have a few games lined up in any given week you may hold back from grabbing additional slots, at least for a few days. Also, if you cannot make your tee time please remove your name from the timesheet so others may take the spot. Our desire is for everyone to get a reasonable amount of golf into what may otherwise be an empty week of activity. With the practice holes available and the driving range and chipping green opening up there are other exercise opportunities for Members now.


The Committee will continue to review activity and the conduct of Members around the course and clubhouse. We are increasing golf shop hours for staff to assist in managing the conduct of Members around the Club. We have released additional opportunities for Members to avail themselves of golfing activities but this is on the basis that protocols are followed, social distancing is maintained and good hygiene is strictly adopted. None of the areas around the Club is intended for gathering, loitering or chatting. The sole purpose is exercise. If we find that some members are in breach of the requirements, then we may be forced to revert to greater restrictions.

Please look out for and after each other.

Phil Wikman, President

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