Note from the President – Timesheet Congestion

With the re-introduction of practice facilities this week it has been pleasing to note that Members have been maintaining appropriate social distancing and not gathering as groups anywhere around the Club. Your continued support for these protocols will enable us to enjoy the Club as an exercise hub. With each report on how Queenslanders are keeping the coronavirus case numbers very low, we are hopeful of restrictions being eased in part in the coming weeks. It will be a long, slow road to full recovery, but any relaxation will be beneficial to the Club.

A few matters to note:

Timesheet Congestion

We are seeing an explosion in Members wishing to play golf at a time when we are restricted by the number of Members we can have on the course. With groups limited to only two players and the days shortening, it is increasingly difficult to meet demand. The Waitlist has been effective to an extent in clearing the demand but please be patient. Competition tee slots have now been extended to 2:00pm and we are adding a couple more groups early in the morning. These tee times will be reviewed as the days shorten.

In a note last Friday I requested Members initially book a maximum of three games per week to allow as many Members as possible to enjoy their exercise around the course. Some Members are adhering to my request, but others have continued to put their names on the timesheet up to 5 and 6 times which has been disappointing. Consequently, to even accessibility to the course by Members, the Committee has decided to restrict Members’ weekly rounds (Monday to Sunday) as follows:

Full Members, including Senior, Temporary and Provisional Members(maximum of 63 holes over a maximum of 4 bookings) as in the following examples:

18 hole Rounds/week 9 hole Rounds/week Total Rounds (Holes)/week
3 1 4 (63)
2 2 4 (54)
1 3 4 (45)
0 4 4 (36)


Other Members including Six-Day and Transition Members but excluding Junior Members(maximum of 54 holes over a maximum of 4 bookings) as in the following examples:

18 hole Rounds/week 9 hole Rounds/week Total Rounds (Holes)/week
3 0 3 (54)
2 2 4 (54)
1 3 4 (45)
0 4 4 (36)


Junior Members(maximum of 27 holes over a maximum of 3 bookings) as in the following examples:

18 hole Rounds/week 9 hole Rounds/week Total Rounds (Holes)/week
1 1 2 (27)
0 3 3 (27)


Rounds booked before 2:00pm are deemed to be 18 holes. Rounds booked after 2:00pm are deemed to be 9 holes.If you are planning to play less than 18 holes, please make your bookings later in the day to give more Members the opportunity to play 18 holes. Nine-hole rounds booked in the morning create nine-hole gaps on the back nine that cannot be utilised.

If you currently have your name on timesheets from Monday 27thApril in excess of the weekly number allowed for your membership category in the above tables, please remove your name from one or more days to comply with the Committee’s decision. We would appreciate if this removal could be completed by Sunday night (26thApril) to allow other Members to make bookings. We believe the above requirements provide for a reasonable balance of exercise and accessibility during this period of significant timesheet congestion. There are other opportunities to practice/play at the Club other than playing 18 holes. These include the practice holes (groups limited to two Members), driving range (bookings essential) and the practice chipping green (maximum of 6 Members).

Withdrawal from Timesheet

We have recently experienced an increase in the number of Members withdrawing from timesheets on the day of play or simply not turning up. Given the congestion we are experiencing, as a courtesy to all, please ensure withdrawals are made well beforehand to allow another Member to take the empty timeslot. A timely advice to the remaining Member in the group and the Golf Shop would be welcome. Where only one Member is left in any timeslot, the Golf Shop will attempt to reallocate that Member to another nearby time if available. This is particularly important for competitions but will occur on social days as well to provide relief to the Waitlist.

Divot Repair

A number of Members have raised concerns regarding unfilled divots around the course. With no guests, no corporate days and no visitors it is evident that these unfilled divots are caused by Members. Sand buckets are now being cleaned after each use and are available so please take these out and fill your divots. Feel free to fill others’ divots as well. This will help us to maintain the course while staff hours are reduced.

Support Club Members’ businesses

You may have seen promotions to “Shop Local” in your neighbourhood. It would be worthwhile to also support Club Members’ businesses. Sam Gardel at Gardel Electrical, sponsor of the Captain’s Challenge, or Joe Crunkhorn from Semoto Prestige are two members who financially support the Club and would welcome Members’ enquiries to their businesses. I am sure there are other Members who support events at the Club during the year who we can support to get through this difficult period. If you want your business promoted send a message to our General Manager

Stay Connected

We all know Members who have had to spend time away from the Club during these times. Please take some time to contact them and encourage them to maintain their interest in the Club, even if it is from a distance. We are all missing the social interaction that is such a strong part of our Club environment. While we can look forward to those times returning, for the moment our best chance to stay connected maybe a phone call, a text message, an email or a tweet. Whatever your preferred medium, make a point of contacting a Member you haven’t seen for a while. With so much isolation in our lives I’m sure the contact will be valued.

Stay Safe.

Phil Wikman, President

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