Note to the President – Re-introducing Groups of Four

It is pleasing to announce that from this Saturday, 16 May 2020 the Club will re-introduce groups of four for golf on all days. This follows the announcements from the Prime Minister and the Queensland Premier last Friday. We are still awaiting full details on how this will affect other elements of the Club’s operations and will update members as soon as possible regarding the service of food and drinks.

Safe and Secure

All existing protocols for hygiene and social distancing have been reviewed and amended where needed. Please do not come to the Club if you are feeling unwell. Most existing protocols, processes and procedures will remain in place indefinitely. This particularly applies to cleaning, reduced contact and distancing. The updated requirements around the Club will be posted around the Club and can be accessed by clicking here. Please follow these requirements strictly.

Golf and Timesheets

  • Golf will revert to groups of four players at 8 minute intervals on each day of the week.
  • Playing in groups of four will significantly increase the number of available spots for Members to enjoy their golf.
  • Some days will operate from one tee whilst others will have a two-tee start.
  • Members are encouraged to use the MiScore App to record and submit scores in competitions. For those who would prefer to use a scorecard please obtain from the Golf Shop the card for another Member of your playing group for whom you will keep score and submit after the round.
  • All existing timesheets from Saturday, 16 May, 2020 will be cleared with new timesheets made available for members to book new timeslots.
  • A new timesheet for this Saturday, 16 May 2020 will open on the evening of this Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 6pm.
  • Please note other new timesheets will open as follows:
    • Sunday, 17 May opens at 7.00pm Wednesday, 13 May
    • Monday, 18 May opens at 8.00pm Wednesday, 13 May
    • Tuesday, 19 May opens at 6.00pm Thursday, 14 May
    • Wednesday, 20 May opens at 7.00pm Thursday, 14 May
    • Thursday, 21 May opens at 8.00pm Thursday, 14 May
    • Friday, 22 May opens at 6.00pm Friday, 15 May
    • Saturday, 23 May opens at 7.00pm Friday, 15 May
    • Sunday, 24 May opens at 8.00pm Friday, 15 May
    • Monday, 25 May opens at 6.00pm Saturday, 16 May
    • Tuesday, 26 May opens at 7.00pm Saturday, 16 May
    • Wednesday, 27 May opens at 8.00pm Saturday, 16 May
    • Thursday, 28 May opens at 6.00pm Sunday, 17 May
    • Friday, 29 May opens at 7.00pm Sunday, 17 May
    • Saturday, 30 May opens at 8.00pm Sunday, 17 May
    • Sunday, 31 May opens at 6.00pm Monday, 18 May
    • Monday, 1 June opens at 7.00pm Monday, 18 May
    • From Tuesday, 19 May timesheets for two weeks ahead will open as normal from 6:00am each day.

Competitions and Prizes

The respective Captains will review the previously published calendar of golf events and competitions and advise Members in due course of changes required for the current year. From Saturday 16 May, 2020 we will reinstate the previous competition prize payments and run down although there will not be any NTPs or Eagle’s Nest prizes.

Restrictions on Round Numbers

The Committee recently instituted caps on the number of rounds Members could play in each week. Until we gather further information those caps will remain. As we assess the Member demand for golf in this new Covid-19 environment we would prefer to maximise the opportunity for all Members to play regular golf.

Motorised Carts

We are maintaining the requirement for a maximum of one Member in each motorised cart. This appropriately maintains distancing and hygiene. The carts will continue to be cleaned after each use.

Because of this, we are conscious there may be unavailability of carts at certain times. We will do what we can to avoid this outcome and ask those Members who are able to walk if possible. We will make available battery charged pull carts for use if available. The use of carts is something we will monitor closely over the coming weeks. Please note that Members from the same household may ride in a cart together.

Unfortunately, the casual hire of golf carts will not be possible for the time being.

Voluntary Contributions

We have very much appreciated the voluntary contributions made to the Club by Members in recent times. It demonstrates the strong spirit we have amongst our Membership. While contributions are always welcome, with the extension of the timesheets and with other changes to our operations we will no longer promote the contribution for each round played.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to acknowledge the strong compliance by Members to the new Covid-19 operating conditions at the Club. We are about to take a significant step towards getting our Club back to where it was. There will be ongoing restrictions for the long term, but I expect many members will be pleased to see the return of at least some social engagement at the Club, albeit in a safe and controlled environment.

Please continue to comply with the requirements and we should be able to enjoy our Club even more in the coming months.

Phil Wikman, President

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