Only the highest standard of workmanship is provided…

Replacement/Repair Frequency and Price Guide

Our PGA Professionals complete all of our club repairs. Re-gripping can generally be done while you wait, and re-shafting of irons or woods, shortening or lenghthing clubs or altering loft or lie angle are all done on site and can be organised simply by dropping into the Golf Shop at a time of your convenience. All club repairs will be pre-quoted and a time estimate will be provided in advance.

$10 to $25 per grip*


Frequency – Every 12 Months and recommended just
before summer every year.

*Non members – $11 to $28
per grip

Between $40 and $65 per Club. Plus grip*


The shafts in your golf clubs will generally not wear out. However if your handicap has fallen into single digits it’s time to upgrade to high performance, custom fitted shafts to take you to another level. As a golfer gets older they normally transition from stiff shafts to flexible shafts. Shafts correctly matched to diminishing physical abilities could get you back that lost distance off the tee. Our PGA Professional can assess your needs in this regard.

*Non Member – Between
$45 and $70 per Club. Plus grip.

$10 per Club*

Loft and Lie Angles

We use specially designed equipment and our years of experience to set up your individual loft and lie specifications.

*Non Member – $11 per club

$20 for extensions and $10 for shortening*

Club Extension or Shortening

Whether your club is too short or too long, we have the tools to add extensions or shorten your shaft. This service is also available on putters.

*Non Members – $22 for extensions and $11 for shortening


One Hour Club Clean & Service

At least once a year we suggest you bring your clubs in for a one hour clean and a service. This includes a thorough inspection of your clubs and a check to ensure shafts are straight and grips are effective. We will also provide a brief assessment of the suitability of your golf clubs to your swing and allow us to demonstrate the latest golf products available. This cost will be waived if a purchase of more then $500 is made.

*Non Member – $55

$50 per hour*


Whether or not you need a club head re-glued, a rattle removed, we can complete basic repairs using an hourly rate of $50.

*Non member – $55 per hour

*Prices are per golf club and are inclusive of GST and fitting. Postage costs will be passed on if required, even for warranty repairs.